These folks pick up a truck load of trash every single week along Wilson Creek

A Clean Wilson Creek is a small army of folks committed to protecting this National Wild and Scenic River in Western North Carolina in it’s natural state for future generations.

Wilson Creek begins as a small stream on the side of Grandfather Mountain and forms into an incredible national treasure over the next 23 miles. A Clean Wilson Creek provides funding for daily River Patrols (365 days a year) that removes trash left by recreational users, and they also address abuse of this wilderness area from vandalism.

They have a Core Team (Trout Team 6) and a number of associates and consultants who help with stream protection, conservation education, and community, state and local government outreach. They also have corporate/small business funding partners and hopefully, will have YOU on their side as well.

If you are passionate about protecting our remaining wilderness and watersheds, A Clean Wilson Creek can use your help. They welcome individual volunteers and groups, Scouting troops, and conservation/science/natural history educators for programming.

They use volunteers for River Patrol, Trail Maintenance, and presenters for outreach programs. All volunteers are educated on their purpose and River Patrol protocols, safety, and appropriate interpersonal interactions with River visitors.

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