5 easy hikes to Atlanta’s hidden waterfalls

There’s just something simply beautiful, and beautifully simple, about a waterfall.

Waterfalls are some of Georgia’s most beloved hiking destinations. Stunning cascades, like Amicalola Falls, stream down from towering mountaintops in North Georgia, drawing hikers by the masses. It’s amazing that water simply falling from rock can create so much beauty.

But Atlanta’s rolling hills and tumbling creeks hold some hidden waterfalls, too. They might not be as large as their North Georgia counterparts, but they’re fully deserving of a hike.

Many of Atlanta’s waterfalls are the sites of historic mills: falling water played a large part in Atlanta’s manufacturing history, turning wheels to power textile and paper making machinery.

Hike these trails in metro Atlanta to splashing waterfalls all year long. They’re all beginner friendly, family friendly and dog friendly — and all worthy of a picnic by the falls.


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