How to Prevent and Treat Hiking Blisters

For hikers and backpackers having happy feet means happy trails. There’s nothing worse than painful hiking blisters that get worse with each step and seriously keep you from enjoying your time in the outdoors. The good news is that these annoying injuries can be remedied, but you’re even better off learning how to prevent hiking blisters in the first place.

A blister is formed from damaged skin that is a result of rubbing and friction or is sometimes caused by heat, cold or in rare conditions exposure to harmful chemicals.

When you are hiking or backpacking, the most common way to get a blister is from your sock or shoe rubbing up against the skin of your feet for an extended period. The shoe may either be too loose or too tight, and it’s likely that sweaty or wet feet are the main cause of getting blisters on a hike. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure, these suckers hurt.

For when you start to feel a hot spot or are dealing with a full-blown blister, a blister kit will help you treat it on the go — besides, it’s always a good idea to be prepared. Make your own hiking blister-care kit that you can stash in your first aid kit and treat any hot spots as soon as you feel them forming.

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