7 summer hikes near Salt Lake City you won’t want to miss

There’s something about summer that inspires people to head outdoors. And when you’re surrounded by tons of gorgeous mountains, hiking seems like the natural choice. The amount of local hikes to choose from, however, can get overwhelming.

Enter the second edition of “Best Hikes Salt Lake City” by Lori J. Lee. Not only does it contain a comprehensive list of great hikes, but detailed information such as the average time it takes to hike a trail, the level of difficulty, whether or not there’s a fee, if it’s kid- or canine-friendly and much more. There’s also a simple chart which directs you to nearby waterfalls, views or lakes.

The second edition also includes four new hikes, including one of Lee’s new favorites, Catherine Pass and Sunset Peak. Now the total number of hikes is 46. And you can trust Lee’s recommendations — she’s hiked all of these trails multiple times. A longtime lover of outdoor recreation, Lee has been writing for the outdoor recreation industry since 1995.

“I write best when I write about what I’m passionate about, and I’ve always been passionate about outdoor recreation,” Lee told the Deseret News, adding that for her, hiking is a spiritual, mental and physical experience all at once.

The book’s second edition includes National Geographic topographic maps and more full-color photos of the trails. These additions will help readers get a good idea of what a given hike has in store for them.

See her favorites here…


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