Preparation Tips for First-time Plus Size Hikers

You may be overwhelmed before you even start your first hike. You may also be so worried about your physical ability to hike, your stamina, and safety that you are hesitant to even set foot on the trail. There is plenty of advice on the Internet.

As a first-time plus size hiker, accept the challenge to get outside and enjoy nature. Don’t wait until you lose that 20 pounds you’ve been dreaming of or until you get to some future fitness goal. If you keep putting it off, you will never get out on the trail.

The best part of hiking is that your trail experience doesn’t have to be like anyone else’s. You can stop and rest as often as needed, you can determine the length and difficulty of the trail, and you get to determine what a successful hike looks like to you. This is YOUR hike, so go at YOUR own pace, and make it YOUR own unique adventure.

Your safety and the safety of your travel companions (humans and pets) is the most important thing to remember on the trail.

Hiking is not a competition. Understand that there will be hikers who pass you.

Here are some tips that would be great for all beginners but really focused on plus size hikers…


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