National Trails Day 2018

National Trails Day® is Saturday, June 2, 2018. Join this historic event and leave the trail better than you found it. In a single day, we’ll collectively improve 2,802 miles of trail—the distance across the United States.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the National Trail System, pledge to pack out trash, join a trail work project, or clean up a park.

Make your commitment to give back to trails and parks by simply submitting the pledge form. After National Trails Day® we’ll ask you how many miles of trail you helped improve. Everyone who confirms they improved a section of trail (of any length) will be entered to win a prize package, which includes swag and premium outdoor gear.

It can be as simple as collecting trash. Or, take your trail cred to the next level by joining an organized trail work party to maintain or build new trail. Check out what trail work projects are in your area.

By pledging to leave a trail or park better than you found it, you are joining a national movement to preserve America’s remarkable public lands for future generations.

Plus, everyone who commits to improve trails and parks will be entered to win weekly giveaways of swag and outdoor gear.

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