Trekking on Turkey’s historic Ephesus-Mimas Route

An historic 709-kilometer route in İzmir, Turkey that connects ancient Greek Ionian footways awaits visitors who want to enjoy nature as well as learn of the culture and history in the region.

The main part of the route consists of six footways connecting ancient cities such as Ephesus, Colophon, Lebedos, Teos, Klazomenai, and Erythrai.

The route starts in Ephesus in front of the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World, and passes through Menderes, Seferihisar, Güzelbahçe, Urla and Çeşme districts and ends in Mimas, or Karaburun in Turkish.

Trek lovers can travel through paths and beaches by walking among colorful flora and are offered the chance to look closer at ancient history.

There are daffodils, artichokes, dates, and olives. On this route, you can also see endemic plants such as windflowers and mountain hyacinths. The Ephesus-Mimas Route offers both natural and historic beauty.



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