Hiking the Garden of Eden – The Alpe Adria Trail, Slovenia

From the moment you touch down in Ljubljana, Slovenia you know you’re about to experience a land of the Gods.

Rich green fields spread as far as the eye can see, only broken by a spattering of wild flowers like the sprinkles on a cake. The depth and lusciousness of these fields reduce remind one childhood, and feeling a primal urge to prance through them like fields in the Sound of Music.

This is the Alpe Adria Trail, which leads from the eternal ice glacier on the Grossglockner, to the azure blue of the Adriatic Sea – a journey of discovery between borders and cultures.

Crossing between three countries – Slovenia, Austria and Italy, this “easy-to-walk” pleasure leads you through rich alpine terrain full of stunning mountain lakes. It’s no wonder the trail is commonly referred to as “Hiking the Garden of Eden.”

Life here seems so perfect, hiding away from the world. Here two old souls were living in solitude, cooking in an outdoor wood fire, and drying their washing in the crisp mountain air. Smiling and waving, you can tell they’re content. This truly is the Garden of Eden.

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