Women Hiking Solo: Staying Savvy and Safe

Regardless of gender, as a solo hiker there are daunting factors: If you injure yourself or encounter a dangerous wild animal you’re bereft of support.

Yet, as a female solo hiker, the prospect of unwanted attention (or worse) whilst wandering in the wild can add an eerie element to a trek. Perhaps potential female hikers are even deterred from treading onto the trail; after all, extensive sections can be remote, and a quick internet search may produce sinister stories about lone female hikers.

However, badass athletes such as Sunny Stroeer (who in February 2018 became the first woman to circumnavigate and summit Aconcagua in a single push), Kristin Gates (the first female to traverse Alaska’s Arctic Brook Range solo on a route mapped out herself) and Heather Anderson (whom in 2015 became the first person to simultaneously hold the speed records for both the PCT and AT) flaunt that females are proving their prowess in the outdoors. Yet despite this piecemeal pluckiness, should solo female hikers progress with due caution?

Here is advice from long-distance lady hikers on how to stay savvy – and not be put off breaking trail alone.


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