The Top 5: Avoiding Hiking Injuries and Accidents and What to Do

Unlike many other outdoor activities that require extensive training, a hefty investment in equipment, and oftentimes a superior level of fitness, hiking is a fairly accessible and affordable way to get out and get active for mostly everyone.

With that said, seeing a hiker get injured is a good reminder of how quickly a leisurely hike can turn into a dangerous and potentially life threatening situation if you aren’t prepared. Accidents and injuries can happen with beginners and avid hikers alike.

Witnessing a new-to-hiking teenager slide down a steep hill while on a hiking adventure last week was a fresh reminder of what can happen to anyone.

While the situation was not life threatening, the young hiker most certainly suffered from a concussion, and needed multiple stitches to close up the large cut along the side of his face. Sometimes accidents just happen, but there really are simple steps you can take before hitting the trails to avoid this from happening to you.

So what can you do to avoid accidents and injuries while hiking?


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