New ‘Celtic Camino’ spurs second coming for Irish pilgrim trails

Did you know pilgrims don’t have to start their ‘Camino’ in Spain? That a ‘Celtic Camino’ allows you to kick off the route in Ireland?

For just over a year now, walkers who complete a ‘Celtic Camino’ – by walking at least 25km of a pilgrim trail in Ireland – can collect a special certificate issued by the Camino Society Ireland at St. James’ Church in Dublin.

The certificate – gained after walking routes like Tochar Phádraig, Co. Mayo or St. Kevin’s Way in Co. Wicklow – can then be taken to A Coruña and combined with a further 75km walk to receive the full compostela.

Typically, official Camino certificates are given only to walkers who complete at least 100km of the famous route. But the Cathedral of Santiago and A Coruña Tourism have agreed that 25km of Irish pilgrim trails can now be included.

“The Celtic Camino is a lovely idea, because you are linking the two countries together. It’s only a short hop down to Spain.”

Irish pilgrim paths are enjoying something of a second coming, as long-forgotten routes are cleared for use again.

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