Tanglefoot National Recreation Trail – Mississippi

The Tanglefoot Trail is Mississippi’s longest rails-to-trails conversion, a ten-foot wide asphalt multi-use trail that runs 43.5 miles through the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in the Mississippi Hills National Heritage Area.

Visitors will experience a bit of local history as they pass through fields, forests, meadows, and wetlands along the path of the Chickasaws and Meriwether Lewis, later the route of a railroad built by Col. William C. Falkner, great-grandfather of Nobel Prize-winning author William Faulkner.

The Tanglefoot Trail is a former railroad line owned and operated by the GM&O Recreational District of North Mississippi. The Trail extends from Houston to New Albany, Mississippi.

Whistle stops serve as entrances to the trail in between larger municipalities and provide restrooms, water fountains, shelters with picnic tables, and parking. Interpretive signage for historic sites along the trail are being developed.

This trail first blazed by Indians was again followed by early explorers, Hernando De Soto and later, Meriwether Lewis. Ishtehotopah, the last Chickasaw king, built his home nearby. As Union troops made their way south, Col. Benjamin Grierson followed the same King’s Highway.



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