How to not need rescuing when you hike in Phoenix

In Phoenix, Arizona summer weather usually starts before the rest of the country’s winter ends.

As the temperature starts to tick upward and out-of-town guests arrive for springtime merriment, its important to remember how quickly a day hiking in the desert can turn into a nightmare mountain rescue situation.

Last year, Phoenix’s fire department had to rescue 259 hikers — 95 of whom required a helicopter evacuation.

Contrary to popular belief, Arizona does not have a “stupid hiker law,” that would require hikers who need rescuing to foot the bill for their rescue. But there are plenty of other reasons why you should avoid a rescue situation anyway.

Rescues are expensive for the city and taxpayers, embarrassing to the hiker and can be fatal if rescuers can’t reach distressed individuals fast enough.

Whether you’re an experienced hiker, new to the sport or in town on vacation and want to check out some of the Valley’s natural beauty,

Make sure to follow these tips…


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