Nova Scotia blessed with trails for outdoor adventurers for all ages

It’s very easy to take to the warm and cozy of the couch during Nova Scotia winters: ripe with freeze and thaw, rain and snow and bone-chilling cold snaps.

However, more often these days there has been a growth in those that dare to venture out of the house and on to the trails that criss-cross the province.

For more than 10 years Hike Nova Scotia, a non-profit hiking and walking promotion group, has been offering a collection of guided hikes, walkabouts and workshops to allow those looking for a push into, or a hand-hold alongside, nature.

“We started off purely as a volunteer organization — very small — and decided a few years in that if we wanted to get people hiking the good way to do that is to offer guided hikes,” said Hike N.S.’s executive director, Janet Barlow. “We strive to be the voice for hikers in the province.”

Back in the day, according to Barlow, there were several organizations that represented those who took to the trails on a regular basis — cyclists, snowmobilers and others — but there wasn’t a group that represented the most common trail users — hikers.

“Hike N.S. doesn’t own or maintain trails ourselves, but we advocate better hiking trails and we have initiatives to motivate people to get out there,” she said.

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