Where to go Hiking on Cape Cod

As avid outdoorsy people, we are always looking for hidden-away spaces to explore that aren’t teeming with other people. During visits to Cape Cod, you will find an array of natural areas. The secret is talking to the locals, who are always willing to let you in on the local gems, those places still undiscovered by your average visitor.

For example, Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary is a nature area that spans hundreds of acres. In addition to being a protected area for wildlife, is a wonderland for hikers. With its system of 7-miles of trails, Allens Pond is located near the Westport shoreline and offers stunning views of Buzzards Bay and the Elizabeth Islands.

Trails run through a variety of environments including farmland, beach, meadow, salt marshes, and forest. Bird lovers will especially appreciate the wide variety of protected birds. Some 300 species of birds have been sighted at Allens Pond. In this area, migratory birds spend stopovers during their long journeys.

Allens Pond seems to be less frequented than other areas on the Cape. Perhaps due to its status as a protected nature area, where activities like horseback riding, picnicking, and swimming are prohibited, it is less popular with the public.

Here are additional noteworthy hiking areas on Cape Cod…


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