Hong Kong’s mountain warriors seek natural therapy through hiking

Wooded hillsides, craggy ridges and wheeling birds of prey are a world away from Hong Kong’s famous skyscrapers but the city’s country parks are a necessary balm for its stressed out residents.

With some of the world’s highest property prices, many can only afford tiny apartments, some living in infamous “cage homes” big enough only for a bed.

Hong Kong’s fast-paced lifestyle and long working hours also take their toll.

Fortunately, within easy reach of the densely packed tower blocks and traffic, there is an extensive network of hiking trails which snake over hundreds of peaks across the territory and along its coastlines.

Forty percent of Hong Kong is protected country park and nature reserves, amounting to 443 square kilometres, drawing hikers, runners and campers all year round.

The country parks are a very valuable asset to Hong Kong, not just for now, but for future generations.

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