Vancouver Island’s North Coast Trail Turns 10

November marks the ten-year anniversary of the inaugural hike of Vancouver Island’s North Coast Trail at Cape Scott Park.

5,239 hikers have hiked the North Coast Trail since it opened to the public. Compare that to the average 6,000 people that hike the West Coast Trail each summer and you’ll understand why hikers come to the NCT from far and wide for it’s wild, untouched feel.

A visit to the Cape Scott Lighthouse is generally a triumphant moment for hikers of the trail who want to check off a visit to the most Westerly point of Vancouver Island.

The trail was built by crews who worked long shifts, slept in tents and had very few amenities. Early on the construction crew decided they wanted to build the trail without any electricity, not even generators. So, everyone got very comfortable with chainsaws and candles.

Cape Sutil has the glory of calling itself the northernmost point of Vancouver Island. It is a favorite for visitors who love to stop for panoramic view on the trail.

It took over 4 years to build the North Coast Trail, with many delays due to rerouting because of sensitive ecological areas. Species at risk in the area, like the red-legged frog, also prompted some reimagining of the originally planned route.

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