Art Rangers: A New Way to Support the Preservation of National Parks

The national parks system in the United States has provided enjoyment of the outdoors for millions of people since 1916 when the National Parks Service was founded. For over 100 years we have had access to some of the most incredible hikes and views to be found on the planet. As is similar to any well used item, the parks often fall into disrepair and need to be maintained and upgraded with continued use. The Art Rangers has stepped up to help the National Park Foundation in generating funds to help with the costs of maintenance for the parks.

The idea for their project is simple. The Art Rangers is seeking to collect art inspired by National Parks from creators across the globe. Many of the contributors to the project, so far, are photographers but that doesn’t mean that art submissions have to be limited to photography. The collected artworks are then hosted in online formats as well as in brick-and-mortar galleries. The art can be purchased in either method, online or in person, and 100% of the proceeds are given to the National Park Foundation who then puts the money to work.

The national parks have been there for us for more than a century. They have been the inspiration for countless artists. They have served as classrooms for artists, hikers, youth groups, foreign and domestic tours, high adventure enthusiasts, and many others. With over 84 million acres of landscapes spread across more than 400 national parks in all 50 states, it’s hard to picture what it would be like to not have them anymore. Fortunately, these programs let us help give back. By donating art to The Art Rangers or by purchasing it, or even by spreading the word, we each can help preserve all those beautiful views that we love capturing and sharing.



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