Hypothermia: What Is It? How to Identify Symptoms, Prevent, and Treat

Hypothermia is one of those conditions that is often discussed and yet rarely described as anything more than simply being out in the cold for too long. The reality is quite a bit more complex and the consequences of ignoring the symptoms often lead to extreme end results, sometimes even death.

Hypothermia is a condition where a person’s body temperature is significantly lower than it should be, often to the point where remaining in that condition is both dangerous and life-threatening.

Body temperature is ideally at 98 degrees. Once the body drops below the 95 degrees threshold – the technical point at which a body can be said to be hypothermic has set in.

Hypothermia can occur in a lot of different ways. Sometimes it occurs through sheer human stupidity, wearing t-shirts and shorts in sub-zero temperatures, for instance. Other times it occurs in unfortunate situations, like being drenched wet in a cold location and not having the ability to dry off. It can also occur if you’re in cold water for too long.

The technical definition is pretty basic; we all understand what hypothermia is on this level, but the reality is that while it may feel pretty abstract and one of those “impossible-to-happen-to-me” kinds of things, hypothermia is definitely something that easily can happen to all of us with just a little bit of bad luck.

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