Discover Oklahoma: State parks offer trails for outdoor exploration

Autumn weather just gets us stirring around, doesn’t it? Perhaps it all originates with that preparation for the change of season. Various creatures such as squirrels start packing away supplies for the winter, but we humans may be seeking a little food for the soul as we can see the gray winter days that will keep us housebound coming straight at us.

The timing couldn’t be better as we all seem to receive this pre-winter burst of energy because, let’s face it, fall is arguably the best season for outdoor activity. The summer heat is behind us; leaves are changing, active wildlife abounds and the air is full of the aromas of the autumn season. And taking a hike along an Oklahoma trail is a very good way to welcome fall and enjoy the outdoors a few steps ahead of winter.

Now, when it comes to hiking, it’s certainly an activity that can be enjoyed all over the state throughout the year. But taking a hike while being able to enjoy the turning of the fall leaves, just makes the hike more peaceful it seems. When hiking, your mind can settle into the peaceful cadence of your leisurely stride. You can relish in the serenity of being outdoors and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.

You can find more information on hiking, including articles that break trails down by difficulty, on the official website for the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department, While on the website, you can order the Oklahoma State Parks & Outdoor Recreation Guide, which includes a section on hiking.

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