The Highest and Lowest Elevation Points of 20 Countries Around the World

Our home planet is amazing. It’s easy to get wowed by ever-improving pictures of our neighbour planets, but Earth really has it all.
Every region has its own astonishing range of terrains at all altitudes. From the depths of dried-out lakes and swamps to the peaks of our highest mountains, how much do you really know about these dramatic extremes?

For example, most people know that Mount Everest is the highest place on Earth. Positioned on the border between China and Nepal, it’s nearly 30,000 feet above China’s lowest spot – that’s the dried-out lake called Tulufan Pendi, or the Turfan Depression. People actually live in this dusty basin, fighting against the odds to produce grapes, melons and cotton.

But did you know there is a challenger to Everest’s throne? Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador is only 20,564 feet tall but — because it is positioned on a bulge in the planet — it actually reaches 1.5 miles further into the sky than Mount Everest.

Thanks to new friend Amit Raj for sharing this infographic with us by Budget Direct Travel Insurance. It’s a celebration of some of the highest and lowest points in the world. From Death Valley to Mount Fujiyama, it explores the extremes of 20 popular tourist destinations.



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