National Parks Are Great Classrooms

This summer, millions of visitors will descend on America’s National Parks. National Parks attract visitors of all ages from countries across the globe, but many of this summer’s visitors will be children and their families on summer vacation. And that’s a valuable learning opportunity for both those children and their families.

America’s 59 National Parks, 129 national historic parks and sites, and more than 200 national monuments, seashores, and other sites provide abundant learning opportunities for both children and adults.

National Parks can teach both children and adults about what truly makes our country special. National Parks like Yellowstone, Zion and Acadia highlight and preserve the incredible natural grandeur and beauty of our nation’s diverse geography and ecosystems, while National Historical Parks and Historic Sites like Lowell, Valley Forge, Nez Perce and numerous others bring to life the people, events and complex stories that have shaped the nation that we are today.

By illustrating both the great moments and heroic figures and the less admirable parts of our nation’s history, these parks and historic sites can help both adults and children to know and value our history and to understand that the America we have today is not a foregone conclusion to be taken for granted, but a hard-fought patrimony that we as citizens have the opportunity and obligation to continue working to maintain and improve.

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