Best Hikes on the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is the most visited region in the state, and the reasons are legion. Tempestuous spring and winter months are perfect for watching waves and weather churn together over dramatic cliffs and headlands; summer and fall can bring mild temperatures that are ideal for beach exploration and a terrific relief from scorching inland weather.

Protected lands such as the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge and designated areas of conservation such as the Nestucca Bay National Wildlife Refuge are models for land and habitat conservation that help make the Oregon Coast a haven for aquatic and terrestrial wildlife year round. Whether you are looking to explore the southern sea stacks, the central dunes, or the northern heads and beaches, the Oregon Coast is a diverse destination that will leave you wanting more.

One of the best ways to experience the coast is by foot. Trails of every variety await: if you are searching for incredible challenges through remote terrain, headland traverses and stretches of the Oregon Coast Trail are just the ticket; if you prefer accessible and family-friendly walks, practically every park and beach is an opportunity.

From simple strolls to expeditions, hikers on the Oregon Coast have plenty of options. Just make sure that any search for trails also includes a look at parks and beaches to expand your hiking options.

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