Exploring the Hiking Trails of Olympia’s Priest Point Park

Olympia, Washington has a special relationship with nature and its parks. For generations residents have been taking friends and family members out into nature, enjoying picnics, hiking through forests and strolling along the beaches, connecting with the community and lands they call home.

Since 1905, when it was first opened to the public, Priest Point Park has been giving families in the Olympia area fantastic access to a beautiful forest, a gorgeous section of beach and magnificent views from the madrona-lined bluffs over Budd Inlet. Today, the beach area continues to be one of the most visited parks in the South Puget Sound, allowing access to the sound itself while enjoying the majestic views of the Olympic Mountains.

Many know of Olympia’s Priest Point Park, especially the playground and main picnic and beach areas, but few are aware of the miles of trails, hidden viewpoints and appealing forest paths spread throughout this 314 acre city park. Fewer still have heard of the trail maintenance that has occurred or witnessed firsthand the newly-designed rose garden area, complete with a new archway and covered picnic section.

Priest Point Park, like Olympia, is always changing for the better, with numerous beautification projects going on under the radar. Next time you visit the park, instead of sticking to the regular routine, head out and explore the pristine paths working their way around this iconic, as well as historic, favorite destination.

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