Memorial Day Weekend Kicks Off Vermont’s Hiking Season

The holiday weekend is traditionally the start of the hiking season in Vermont. Hiking is one of the state’s top summer tourism draws and the Green Mountain Club (GMC) estimates 200,000 people visit The Long Trail each year. The official protectors and maintainers of the Long Trail, the 107-year-old Green Mountain Club is the premier Vermont hiking organization with numerous hiking guides and maps available to Vermonters and visitors alike.

From its rocky summits to its gentle valleys, Vermont is home to hundreds of miles of hiking opportunities. This is a great time of year to get outside and enjoy a favorite hike or explore some place new. Higher elevations may still have snow and muddy conditions, so please be prepared walk through puddles to avoid damaging the surrounding vegetation.

The GMC offers a few tips for early season hikers:

· Plan ahead and let someone know where you will be hiking.
· Bring a warm extra layer as mountain tops are chilly year-round and Vermont’s weather can quickly change.
· Stay hydrated and bring food for long hikes.
· Bring raingear; even an emergency poncho or garbage bag will help in a pinch.
· Carry out what you carry in and help protect Vermont’s special places.

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