Missing mailbox replaced on Washington’s Mailbox Peak

Eric Piggott of Washington hiked to the top of Mailbox Peak for his birthday this week – to replace a missing, legendary mailbox with a new, donated one.

“The last time I saw the previous box was three weeks ago on my last hike there,” Piggott said. “In my talks with various people, I’ve learned that there have been as many as eight other mailboxes over the years.”

The box at Mailbox Peak has drawn hikers for years. Hikers inscribed their names on the old mailbox, leaving treats and touching mementos. A 2008 Seattle Times report on the difficult hike says references to the mailbox began in the early 1990s.

The latest mailbox may have been swept away by recent high winds. If it’s found, the Department of Natural Resources would appreciate its return.

“Signing the box is a right of passage for those scaling the trail,” Piggott said. “The old box was covered from front to back in signatures. People also left treats for other hikers to come such as cliff bars or candy. In the past I’ve found little trinkets, snacks – even mementos of loved ones who enjoyed hiking but had passed away.”

Piggott likes to leave snacks for others to enjoy once reaching the top. The hike is a challenging one: steep and around 4,000 vertical feet from the trailhead to the peak.

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