10 great hikes to Georgia’s best views

There’s just something magical about a great summit view. Whether the hike spans miles or minutes, a good climb to a spectacular view makes a great workout – and, hey, at least the return hike is (usually) downhill. Hike these great Georgia hikes to a favorite to savor the view from the top and catch some celebration time at the summit. Georgia’s beauty is simply stunning.

These 10 trails explore Georgia from places spread all over the map, from the southern Appalachian Mountains north of Atlanta to the sandy Georgia coastline near Savannah. Mid-state, you’ll scale a Native American mound near Macon to catch views of a beautiful riverside marsh. And near Columbus, you’ll explore a lofty mountain ridge that rises high above the surrounding plains. Up for the challenge? You’ll rack up some great memories on the trail, and catch some stunning views along the way.

These great Georgia hikes travel to favorite overlooks, catching stunning views of Georgia’s mountains, coast and plains.


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