Discover Chattanooga-area trails with local hiking groups

One of the major attractions of living in the Chattanooga, TN area is the abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities, which includes many miles of hiking trails close to town. As a new year gets underway, you may be thinking you’d like to get started or do more in the way of hiking some of those trails. Or you may already be an avid hiker who’s recently moved to Chattanooga from somewhere else and would like to explore the local trails.

What may be holding you back is the lack of someone to hike with. Your friends and family members may not be interested in doing serious hikes, and you may be reluctant to go hiking on your own. Well, there’s a solution to that problem. There are a number of organizations in the Chattanooga area that regularly host free guided hikes.

You generally aren’t required to be a member of these organizations in order to participate in outings, but if you plan to go on a regular basis, paying a modest membership fee will help support the organization and get you on the email list.

Besides being able to learn all you need to know about hiking from experienced experts, participating in group hikes such as these is a great way to meet interesting and like-minded people. You have no excuse for not making 2017 the year you get out and discover the wonders of hiking in the Chattanooga area and beyond.

The following list of seven such organizations is a good place to start…


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