Team Restores 25 More Parkway Overlooks and Vistas in the Roanoke Area

Arborists from the National Park Service Incident Response Team resumed clearing overgrown vistas on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Roanoke area December 4th through December 15, restoring 25 vistas so far with this stretch of the project.

The project is a continuation of the vista restoration work launched in the fall of 2014 with the support of Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway. At that time, the team worked 10 days, according to arborist team member Chris Ulrey, an NPS plant ecologist. Work continued in the spring of 2015 around Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina.

Managing the scenic beauty along the Blue Ridge Parkway is a complex task. The Parkway was designed to maximize scenic views and give visitors the impression that they are in a park with boundaries to the horizon. Restoring the views in some areas requires highly skilled arborists to carefully balance natural resource issues such as wildlife habitat protection along with the necessary work that allows park visitors to enjoy the scenic view.


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