Huts with History: 10 Australian Alpine Huts You Should Visit

There are around 200 huts scattered throughout Australia’s alpine regions. Though some of them are much newer, others date back as far as the 1860’s.

For over 150 years, they’ve given shelter to cattlemen and women, gold miners, foresters, hydro-workers, fishermen, miners, skiers, and bushwalkers. Unquestionably, they’re an icon of European Australia.

Unlike in other countries where huts are setup for people to sleep in, most of Australia’s huts are provided for emergency shelter only, but they are traditionally left socked with matches and a small amount of firewood and kindling. Some hikers even leave behind emergency food rations. Relying on them is discouraged because hikers may arrive to find them full or even damaged by severe weather.

They are usually found in incredible locations, have simple construction and a rustic feel, and they just seem to fit into the landscape. Even better, though, is the way they ignite the imagination. One can imagine the adventurous spirits that have walked there, the stories shared around their fireplaces, and the amazing tales of survival they’ve made possible.

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