Wicked Wild Waterfall Photography Weekend

Like waterfalls? Like photographing waterfalls?

Kevin Adams photographed his first waterfall in the mid-1980s and has been leading waterfall photo tours since the early 1990s. If he has learned anything along the way, it’s that waterfalls are among the most popular photo subjects in the world. And the wild and wonderful waterfalls of western North Carolina attract more waterfall photographers than perhaps any area of similar size in the country.

Kevin has always enjoyed leading photo tours and giving programs on waterfall photography. But photo tours are limited to a few people and he can cover only so much material in a 60-minute program. He wondered if there was a way to reach out to a larger gathering of waterfall enthusiasts and provide comprehensive material. Thus, the Wicked Wild Waterfall Photography Weekend was born.

Regardless of your skill level or photographic experience, this event will energize and inspire you. Some people say that the negative ions produced by waterfalls create a feeling of euphoria, which is why we love waterfalls so much.

Kevin is the guy who wrote the bestselling North Carolina Waterfalls book. He knows waterfalls and waterfall photography, and he wants to share his passion with you.

The Wicked Wild Waterfall Photography Weekend will be held May 19-21, 2017 in Brevard, North Carolina. Join 200 other nature photographers in beautiful Brevard, Transylvania County’s “Land of Waterfalls.”

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