7 Essential Items in your Emergency Survival Kit

Whether you are a traveler, hiker, or someone who stays at home most of the time, you should be equipped with an emergency survival kit all the time. Why? Because a critical condition can knock on your door anytime, leaving you in a state of shock. It can be a natural calamity or a small accident in your house or workplace.  

But, if you make sure to have these seven important items in your emergency survival kit, you can easily deal with the worst situations and improve your chances of survival.



Now that you know about the most needed things for your emergency survival kit, it is time you should have one for yourself. To get more information, take a look at More Prepared, a survival preparedness expert.

This latest infographic comes to us from Mina Arnao, the Founder/CEO of More Prepared, the emergency preparedness experts for over 10 years. More Prepared’s mission is to help families, schools and businesses prepare for earthquakes and other emergencies. Mina is CERT trained (community emergency response team) and Red Cross certified.


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