Hike NC! will help North Carolinians explore state’s parks

Even as the changing fall scenery gives us picture-perfect views, many North Carolinians are still reluctant to explore the outdoors. Some people don’t venture out to North Carolina’s parks, forests and trails because they don’t know about all that the state has to offer. Others are worried they aren’t in good enough shape to take on nature, or that they might get lost by themselves out in the woods.

This fall, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina and the North Carolina State Parks system launched Hike NC!, a new community initiative that will take the hesitation out of hiking and encourage North Carolinians to get moving.

Hike NC! is a series of more than 60 guided hikes in North Carolina’s state parks and nature preserves, led by the state’s top hiking and nature experts.

Hike NC! will help make hiking easier and more approachable for North Carolinians, regardless of their age, fitness level or hiking experience. Each hike will be led by a trained guide or park ranger.

In addition to helping North Carolinians get active outdoors, Hike NC! is also part of Blue Cross’ efforts to promote health and well-being among North Carolinians. People who are physically active are at lower risk for chronic conditions and diseases, including heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

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