McAdam, NB hiking trails offer nature and history

New Brunswick, Canada is a province filled with interesting natural destinations that are open for the public to enjoy. One of the most popular activities in the New Brunswick wilderness is hiking, with trails spread throughout the province.

One of these is McAdam’s City Camp Trail that starts at the community’s historic railway station, where incidentally you can choose from 24 varieties of homemade pie if your hike leaves you famished.

According to Hiking NB, the trail is just a little over three kilometres long. It circles the pond behind the train station and will take about 75 minutes to complete.

A good thing about the trail is the likelihood of witnessing some wildlife. Loons and ducks enjoy the pond.

A trail that’s a little more challenging is a little west of McAdam at Spednic Lake Provincial Park. Boulder Walk Trail is a little longer at 3.5 kilometres and the terrain is a little less forgiving. The hike should only take 90 minutes and along with the obvious natural beauty this trail’s history goes back hundreds of years.



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