Hiking Grand Canyon end to end: How 2 adventurers did it

Few people have hiked the length of Grand Canyon. Fewer still have done it all at once.

Last year, Rich Rudow and Chris Atwood completed that walk, taking thousands of photographs in the process.

“More than four thousand people have summited Mount Everest,” Rudow writes in a blog post about his adventure. About 250 have completed the “triple crown” of hiking — the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail and Appalachian Trail.

But only a dozen people have “walked the length of Grand Canyon in one continuous push.”

“Why? There are no towns for resupply, no base camps for logistics support, and in fact, no trails for the vast majority of the 700 miles. Traversing Grand Canyon is like walking a complex three-dimensional maze with delicate routes that include hundreds of thousands of vertical feet of scrambling.”


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