Healthy Hiking Snacks

This month marks the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service (NPS). To celebrate, take a hike on your favorite trail, or go to the NPS website to find a park near you, and take one of these healthy snacks along to fuel your journey.

Once you select a trail, do some research — especially if you’re planning on a full-day hike. Call the campsite, or research online where you can access water near the trail. Longer hikes may require you to bring a water filter, in case you come across a stream or natural source of water, which may contain harmful bacteria or parasites.

You’re limited to what you can tote when hiking. You don’t want to carry too much or it might weigh you down. You also need to find foods that can take the heat for the extended period of time without refrigeration.

Here are several foods you may want to consider picking up before your next adventure.


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