Hiking in Phoenix – A Southwestern Hiking Series

Many regions of the United States are extraordinary for their diverse climate and topography. California comes to mind, as well as the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest. But many people don’t consider the Southwest region as being more than desert.

Yet, Arizona displays varied scenery, wide-ranging climate and awesome beauty, rivaling if not exceeding any other place. In fact, many parts of Arizona are so magnificent, in their various ways, that they challenge the capacity of human sensibilities to experience them in all their glory and richness.

Consider Phoenix for instance. Hiking in Phoenix and environs is arguably some of the best hiking in the southwest. From lush Sonoran Desert vegetation to picturesque mountain ranges it’s easy to see what attracts hikers to this corner of the world.

As you gaze upon towering saguaros and beautiful sky island mountain ranges in the distance, you will understand why hiking in Phoenix should be on every adventurer’s favorites list.

Here are some trail reports to get you started…


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