Booby traps found on popular NJ hiking trail

Hikers and bikers beware. Police officials say there’s a sicko out there who is setting booby traps trying to injure people in a popular Northern New Jersey park.

Wayne Police are asking everyone to look very closely at the more than 11 miles of trails in High Mountain Park Preserve because someone has been placing booby traps in the dirt path, specifically barbed wire and wooden planks with nails sticking out just beneath the surface of the trails.

Wayne Police say a resident found these booby traps and told police about them starting in late June so police have now released the pictures. Other booby traps include broken bottles behind or next to rocks and logs.

“It’s bad karma, to will come back to get them,” Alfredo Rodriguez, hiker, said.

Wayne Police say anyone who sees any suspicious activity should call them immediately. The park is near William Paterson University. Police detectives are investigating.



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