Hanging Rock is a must see hiking destination near Winston-Salem, NC

Located about 45 minutes from Winston-Salem, this beautiful State Park offers more than 20 miles of hiking trails for all experience levels. The view at the end of the Hanging Rock Trail is a must-see.

At 1.3 miles (one-way), this is a fairly easy hike that also offers some waterfalls at the bottom. While the last part of the hike is steep and has several stairs to climb, the hike overall should be doable for the entire family.

Slightly more moderate trails include Cook’s Wall Trail (beautiful view) and Lower Cascade Falls Trail (large waterfall). For those looking for a challenge, Moore’s Wall Loop offers a difficult 4.7-mile loop trail that goes up to 2,579-foot peak to a wonderful view with predictably less people around.

Hanging Rock also offers other activities including camping, rock climbing and fishing. Their 12-acre lake is summertime favorite. The lake offers good fishing and swimming opportunities. Recently, the lake has been stocked with rainbow trout in addition to the population of largemouth bass.



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