Our Wild

The Wilderness Society’s mission is to protect wilderness and inspire Americans to care for our wild places. They contribute to better protection, stewardship and restoration of our public lands, preserving our rich natural legacy for current and future generations.

They are a leading American conservation organization working to protect our nation’s shared wildlands. From well-known icons to hidden gems, protected wildlands give us:

  • Clean air and water,
  • Abundant wildlife,
  • Havens for recreation, solitude and learning,
  • Important sources of renewable energy,
  • Vital natural resources that must be managed wisely, and
  • A foundation for a healthy planet.

The Wilderness Society protects the places you care about. They are spread across the US passionately believing that public lands are the best expression of what it is to be an American. Since 1935, they’ve led the effort to protect 109 million acres of wilderness in 44 states, garnering more than 700,000 supporters along the way. They have been at the forefront of nearly every major public lands victory.

Our wild…


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