Book takes a fresh look at Kansas hiking

When it’s too hot to play outside, the next best thing is to research where you can go when it cools.

Siblings Jonathan and Kristin Conard have made that easier with their “Kansas Trail Guide,” which covers hiking, mountain biking and horseback trails in all corners of Kansas. It doesn’t cover nearly all of the 2,000 or more miles, but the 80 trails selected are certainly some of the best.

Jonathan Conard got the idea for the guide when he couldn’t find a book on Kansas trails that included the many improvements made over the past decade. Raised in several central Kansas towns, he invited his sister to help with a one-year deadline to get the project finished. In that time one, or both, of the Conards traveled every inch of the trails listed.

Kansas Trail Guide is divided into geographical regions. Coverage of the trails gives solid details about lengths, and if it’s open to bikes or horses, and if pets are allowed.

Trail descriptions are direct and easily understood. The book provides area contact information and brief mention of other nearby trails. Nearby camping areas are listed and usable information is listed about state parks that contain many of the best trails.

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