4 worst ways climate change is harming wildlands

Climate change is devastating wild lands and the wildlife that thrives inside them, according to findings of a government study.

The National Climate Assessment had some alarming findings that have direct impact on our wild lands. Climate change is already affecting some of our most prized natural resources and it’s only getting worse.

The report was written by over 300 scientists, academics and government officials, and is one of the most detailed studies on the current and future impacts of climate change, a global trend supported by 97% of scientists. The entire report is breathtaking in scope and detail, but there are several noteworthy parts that relate to how our wild lands, and the species that inhabit them, are experiencing the changing climate.

  1. Climate change is increasing the vulnerability of our forests.
  2. Permafrost is thawing in many parts of Alaska.
  3. Wildfires are threatening other ecosystems as well.
  4. Fish populations are declining across the U.S.

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