SPEX launches a new concept in hiking in Sedona

Hikers in Sedona, Arizona have a new option when it comes to exploring their deep thoughts out on the trail. Sedona Philosophy Experience (SPEX) has officially launched and is busy helping its customers navigate not only the trails of Sedona, but also the mindful philosophical discussions that hiking so naturally stimulates.

“We are delighted to bring philosophy out of the classroom and onto the trail where it will benefit so many people,” said Andrea Houchard, one of four university professors who is behind the unique company. “Every person is a natural philosopher with an urge to question, consider and discuss the world around them, and nowhere is this impulse stronger than when in the midst of awe-inspiring nature.”

SPEX offers a variety of philosopher-led hikes among the majestic red rocks of Sedona, in which participants are encouraged to ponder, discuss and compare opinions on life’s big questions.

With years of education and philosophy experience between them, the SPEX guides are uniquely qualified to lead their hikers and are excited to provide the spark to ignite each hiker’s own philosophical experience in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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