‘Packing It Out’ Crew Update: 100 Miles, 150lbs of Trash

With their first post from the trail, the ‘Packing It Out’ crew gives an update on their mission to thru-hike the 2,600-mile PCT while collecting trash along the way.

Packing It Out was formed late in 2014 when 24-year-old Seth Orme had a post-hike epiphany atop a North Carolina outcrop called, fatefully, Pickens Nose: Why not hike the Appalachian Trail and pick up every single piece of trash he sees along the way?

With that, a three-man team was formed a year ago, and together they thru-hiked the 2,190 mile AT, ultimately picking up and disposing 1,090 pounds of trash, including cans, camp gear, wrappers, bags, and even an old mattress which required an ad hoc hauler to be created out of sticks.

This year, the Packing It Out crew — Seth “Cap” Orme; Paul “Spice” Twedt; and Chris Moore; and a photographer friend — is taking its first steps of the PCT mission. The crew’s plan is to implement a similar system as was used on the Appalachian Trail: Clean up every piece of trash they find.

How much trash do you think is on the PCT? It would depend on where you’re at on the trail. They packed out 44 pounds of trash over the inaugural 20-mile section hiked from Campo to Lake Morena. Five miles outside of Warner Springs they found old coolers full of trash and ended up packing out more than 60 pounds in 15 miles.

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