Hike on Turkey’s best trails for natural discoveries

The best way to discover hidden beauties, greenery and a refreshing atmosphere is an intimate walk in nature. Recognized as a great way to get off the beaten track and feel the diversity of the country, walking in Turkey will lead you to the core of history in rural villages and cozy backstreets.

This wonderful country invites you to go hiking with its fascinating scenery, different trails and predictable weather. It does not matter whether you want to see green places on land or find the turquoise sea at the end of your walking journey, because Turkey has something to offer each type of traveler. Hikers and trekkers can find a growing array of walking routes and hiking hotspots in Turkey, ranging from a few hours to treks spanning more than 1,000 kilometers.

Some good news too is that to go trekking in Turkey does not require you to fork up as much money as you would need to for other trekking destinations. If you are a novice or are visiting Turkey for the first time, an organized trip may be a good option for you. From the most touristic spots to rural villages, every traveler will find something to mark their holidays as one of the best.

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