We Just Crushed The Global Record For Hottest Start Of Any Year

NASA reports that this was the hottest three-month start (January to March) of any year on record. It beat the previous record — just set in 2015 — by a stunning 0.7°F (0.39°C). Normally, such multi-month records are measured in the hundredths of a degree.

Last month was the hottest March and February the hottest on record by far. It followed the hottest January on record by far, which followed the hottest December by far, which followed the hottest November on record by far, which followed the hottest October on record by far. Some may detect a pattern here.

As has been the story all winter, the biggest and most worrisome warming is occurring in the Arctic. Indeed, as we reported on Wednesday, blistering temperatures over Greenland jump-started the summer melt season — with 12 percent of Greenland’s massive ice sheet melting by Monday, beating the previous record by a month.

Even though 2015 crushed the previous record for hottest year — which of course was just set in 2014 — it seems increasingly likely that 2016 will top 2015, even as the current El Niño fades.

The bottom line is that we are being warmed globally at an alarming rate thanks to human-caused carbon pollution.

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