MWA launches new Montana hiking guide website

Made possible with a grant from the Montana Office of Tourism, the Montana Wilderness Association have now launched Montana’s first online, statewide hiking guide,

The website, which has had over 70 MWA volunteers contribute to its development, already features more than 200 trail descriptions with more to come.

“Exploring our state’s natural wonders and accessing public lands is part of who we are as Montanans,” says Gov. Steve Bullock. “I am pleased that our state’s Office of Tourism was able to help Montana Wilderness Association create a 21st century tool for a tradition that is important to Montanans and essential to our quality of life.” allows users to hike trails recommended by local residents, locate trails on an electronic map, choose a path based on distance and elevation gain, review trail conditions added by recent hikers and add their own trip reports, discover natural wonders and contribute their own trail descriptions.

In addition to providing trail information, offers information about businesses near trailheads that offer outdoor supplies, as well as food, accommodations and other amenities.

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