The ‘best 3-mile hike in world’: Bryce Canyon’s Navajo/Queen’s Garden Loop

Bryce Canyon National Park is one of Utah’s — and even the world’s — most stunning and colorful landscapes.

Generally speaking Bryce Canyon’s glowing hoodoo amphitheater is viewed from the rim, but as breathtaking as Bryce Canyon is from above, it is mesmerizing from within. And there’s perhaps no better way to experience Bryce Canyon’s landscape than by hiking the Navajo/Queen’s Garden loop.

“Why is it called Queen’s Garden?” you may ask. The name actually comes from a popular hoodoo along this section of Bryce Canyon’s trail system that bears some resemblance to a portrait of England’s Queen Victoria. Hiking this loop also offers a view of Bryce Canyon’s most famous formation “Thor’s Hammer.” However, these two features don’t even begin to highlight the incredible geological oddities you’ll encounter while hiking among Bryce’s towering hoodoos.

It’s because of the unique geology that the combined Navajo and Queen’s Garden trails have been called “The Best 3 Mile Hike in the World”, and if you spend much time hiking, you’ll realize how daring a claim that is.

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