Featured National Recreation Trail: The Aliso Creek Regional Riding and Hiking Trail, California

The Aliso Creek Regional Riding and Hiking Trail is a well maintained class-one bikeway and soft recreational trail extending from the foothills of Orange County, California to the boundary of Laguna Beach.

The continuous fifteen miles of asphalt bikeway designed for multi-use travels through five south county cities. The soft trail mirrors the asphalt bikeway path on either side of the Aliso Creek traveling from the mountains to the sea.

The ten-foot-wide bikeway was originally designed in the 1970s when the old El Toro Road was abandoned during the construction of a much larger and safer road.

The County of Orange added the Aliso Creek Riding and Hiking Trail to the Master Plan of Recreational Trail Opportunities adopted by the Board of Supervisors. The County has employed a full time dedicated team to inspect and maintain the trails and bikeways throughout the County of Orange. The team keeps the trail open year round, responds to service requests, and plans routine repairs to long-term maintenance projects.

A historical site of an adobe house built in the 1840s by Jose Serrano whose Rancho Canada stretched to the north is featured at Heritage Hill Historical Park. This hacienda was a welcomed spot for travelers following the old Spanish “El Camino Real” during the late 1800s and was recognized in 1996 by the Historical Society and the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

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