Hiking couple makes pitch to revitalize Idaho Centennial Trail

Clay Jacobson of Boise, Idaho has hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. So he sees no reason that Idaho can’t make its 900-mile trail from the Nevada border to the Canada border into another thru-hiking destination.

But he learned firsthand last summer that the remote Idaho Centennial Trail — named the state trail as part of a centennial celebration in 1990 — is far behind its famous counterparts.

“It’s more of an idea than a trail,” Jacobson said, “but I came away convinced that it’s very possible. … The missing piece of keeping this trail going is the need for a care-taking organization. All these trails that are successful have a group of people working hard to make sure the trail survives and improves. It’s going to come down to people who care about the trail and want to see it grow.”

Jacobson is one of fewer than 10 people to thru-hike the ICT, which is to hike it end to end. His girlfriend, Kelly Bussard, accompanied him for about 400 miles of the trip before she had to return to college.

They are making presentations around the state about their journey, the hardships they faced and the potential they found in a unique trail that runs through the heart of Idaho.

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